What You’ll Need

Moksha Yoga Class Essentials: 


Trust us, whether you drink it in class or wait until after you leave the hot room, you are going to want some good ol’ H20! Forget your bottle? We have reusable jars to rent at the studio.
Moksha Tip: make sure to drink lots of water 24 hours before you practice. Our classes are designed to make you sweat; be kind to your body and give it the water it will need beforehand! Proper hydration will help you reach your edge in class.

Yoga Mat

You could practice on the floor in the hot room, but we have heard that sweat and hard wood create a slippery situation…

Mat Towel

A useful tool to help keep you grounded on your mat throughout class. Mat towels are optional, but highly recommended especially if you haven’t tried hot yoga before you’re going to want have one. Your mat gets slippery quick! Don’t have one but think you’ll need one? Mat towels are available to rent for $2.

Comfortable Clothes

Wear whatever you can practice comfortably in. Leggings, shorts, swimsuits – the list is endless.

Shower Towel

We have showers available in both the Men’s and Women’s change rooms for you to use after class to rinse your sweaty self off. Shower towels are available to rent at the studio for $2 if you don’t want to lug yours around all day.

Your Awesome Self

That’s right, you! Your body and energy makes the class what it is. We can’t wait to see you in the hot room!


Don’t have a yoga mat? Forgot your mat towel? Can’t find your trusty water bottle? No worries we’ve got ya covered! All items are $2 to rent.