Top 7 Myths About Moksha Hot Yoga

Want to try hot yoga but still not sure if it is right for you? Here are some common myths about Moksha Hot Yoga.

Myth #7 – You have to be Extremely flexible to practice yoga

This is soooooo not true. In fact, if you’re inflexible you’ll benefit the most from Hot Yoga! Moksha is a great way to become more flexible in a gentle manner. So many of us start yoga not being able to touch our toes and after a couple months we’re placing our hands on the floor. The more inflexible you are the more you’ll see the difference, especially in those super tight hamstrings!

Myth #6 – It’s Too Hot to Handle

One of the most common myths about Moksha is that it’s too hot. We set our temperature to 38 degrees Celsius. For most people the heat is comfortable. It takes a bit of time to get used to, but once you do you’ll wonder how you ever practiced without it! The heat has many benefits including, detoxifying the body and skin and allowing for increased flexibility. The heat also helps warm up your muscles to prevent injury, as well as flushes the circulatory system to create an “anti-inflammatory” effect.

Myth #5 – Hot Yoga is Unhygienic

This myth is very untrue! We are constantly cleaning our studio to make sure the place is impeccably clean. After each class one of our many wonderful volunteers cleans the hot room flood and disinfects the area. We guarantee the studio is kept very clean so not to worry, our cleanliness standards are very high.

Myth #4 – Hot Yoga is Too Revealing

You DO NOT have to wear mini-shorts and a bikini top to practice hot yoga! In fact, you’ll likely find your regular yoga clothes work just fine. It’s important to wear what’s comfortable for YOU and don’t worry about what others think. We create a space of respect and non-judgement. Our students come in all shapes, sizes and ages.

Myth #3 – Hot Yoga is too Hard

We consider Moksha to be accessible to all – beginners, advanced, large, small, young, older … we have classes for everyone! If you’re concerned about the heat, try the Moksha class for your first time.

Myth #2 – Hot Yoga Teachers are Mean

This one hurts :(. Moksha teachers are heart-based and care about their students. Each teacher brings their own unique flavour and many of them set intentions at the beginning of class. They are available before class if you need modifications for any injury and after class to answer any questions you have.

Myth #1 – Moksha Yoga is Expensive

Actually, we offer very competitive rates! Our Freedom Membership Program is very affordable. We also offer the Energy Exchange for those of you who have 4 spare hours a week. To learn more, ask the front desk  or peruse the rest of our website.