New to the Studio?

Welcome to Moksha Yoga Vancouver! 

Yoga, and especially Hot Yoga, can be intimidating at first. Just remember that every single person in the room with you were beginners once too; they are there to help and encourage you throughout the process. We’re a big happy family around here and are excited for you to join us. Some helpful tips to get your Moksha experience off to a sweaty start…

Arrive 15 Minutes Early: If you are new to the studio, make sure that you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to class to sign in and get settled before your practice begins. We offer towel/mat/water rentals for $2 if you don’t feel like carrying your stuff around. Confused about pricing options? Feel free to ask the manager, any of our teachers ,or administrative personnel for some great options to get your practice started.

Food & Hot Yoga: While it is important to keep your body fuelled for practice, make sure to keep your meals light up to two hours before class. Too much food in your stomach often leads to an uncomfortable experience, while too little will leave you feeling lightheaded. Snack smart to practice safely!

Hydration: The most important part of class (outside of Savasana). Make sure you drink water before class, bring water to class, and drink lots after class. Seriously! Proper hydration is crucial to a positive and successful practice.

Studio Etiquette: Please remember that general yoga studio etiquette applies at MYV. Please keep the practice room silent, your shoes at the door, your shower quick, cell-phone in the changeroom on silent, and arrive & stay scent-free … Always remember that the studio is a shared space – be respectful to your fellow yogis!

Your Practice: You do you! We encourage you to take class at your own pace, with no expectations. The heat and difficulty of a class is a different experience each and every time, so be sure to tune inwards and see what your body needs on any given day. The heat can often accentuate how you are feeling, so be sure to stay focused on what YOU need to do. Resting is not a failure but shows a deeper understanding of how you’re feeling.

Have Fun: Breathe naturally and keep that smile on your face – this time is for you so enjoy it!

Parking at the Studio: There is ample street parking in the surrounding neighbourhood, as well as free parking on all three levels of the Jericho Village Mall. Please be advised that the topmost level (where we are) is only 60 minute parking; the lower two levels are 90 minutes and 4 hours, respectively. Please take this into consideration when deciding where to park. As a reminder, if you bike to the studio, your mat rental is free…

Here are some options to get you started:

Intro Month

first month

  • Unlimited classes
  • Every day you visit saves you money!
Drop In

per class

  • Student discounts available
  • Try our Karma class