Re-connect to live green

With so many environmental challenges today, living a green lifestyle is one of the Moksha community’s most important values. It is equally important however, to remind ourselves every so often, of what we are protecting. I was recently reminded on a run along Kitsilano beach. The red, yellows and green against a backdrop of grey… More details

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On Yoga, Balance, and your Jammies

Tomorrow night we’re holding probably the comfiest party you’ve ever attended. To celebrate the end of October’s 30 day hot yoga challenge, we’re hosting the mother of all pyjama parties – wear your most comfortable flannels, keep your slippers on, and show up at the Kitsilano studio at 8 pm for some Bailey’s & hot… More details

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The Stress Connection: Yoga for your Nervous System

When it comes to popular opinion, yoga’s pretty much winning. Don’t get us wrong: people can be thrown off by the more spiritual aspects of the practice, or claim that it’s too “woo-woo”, or too much of a scene (especially here in Vancouver). There have been some negative comments about hot yoga in the last… More details

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Stay Close To Your Food

My Moksha yoga studio always encourages us to “live green”. I started to wonder… what does that even mean? Where can I start? I decided to look deeper into the way I consume things… and came upon some interesting facts on the simple act of eating local.  I discovered that supporting any of the nine… More details

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Fall Transitions

Summer is gone and I’ll miss those rays of sunlight that held me up like a proud flower! With a new season comes the opportunity for new challenge, adventure, and discovery on and off the mat. Aside from the drop in temperature and decrease in daylight hours, seasonal change can be challenging on a deeper… More details

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Politics in Motion

This Monday is a very special day, not just at Moksha Yoga Vancouver, but across Canada – it’s Election Day! On Monday, Oct. 19, Canadians across the country will line up to choose the next leading party of our nation. So far this Federal election has seen record turn outs at the advanced voting stations,… More details

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Turning up the Heat: Why Try Hot Yoga?

Hot yoga has become a bit of a fad since Bikram Chowdhury brought his unique style of yoga to the West in the 1980s. While Bikram was the pioneer, variations on the hot theme have shown up in droves over the last decade. So what is it about bending, stretching and strength-building in a heated… More details

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Why Try a 30 Day Challenge?

Next week at Moksha Yoga Vancouver we start our fall 30-Day Hot Yoga Challenge. If the idea of getting on your mat in the hot room for 30 days in a row leaves you cold (or, maybe, sweating profusely?), you’re probably not alone. If you’re new to hot yoga the feat may seem daunting. Even… More details

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The Yoga of a Clothing Exchange

When you think of hot yoga, clothing might not be the first thing that comes to mind. After all, the majority of us try to wear as little as possible in the hot room, and still walk out drenched in sweat, clothes dripping. That being said, and as most of our members know, Moksha Vancouver… More details