Social Media - 2018 - Studio Closure


The studio will be closed October 29-31st inclusive for some much needed renovations and repairs. We’ll be back to our regular schedule as of November 1st! Just because we’ll be closed doesn’t mean your practice needs to take a break as well. ALL Moksha Vancouver students are welcome to practice at Moksha East Van, North Van, and… More details

Social Media - 2018 - Deepenings Workshop2

Deepenings Intermediate/Advanced Workshop

Join the MYV teachers each month to discover new ways to deepen your practice. This 2-hour class will feature meditation, flow, and breath work, in addition to breakdowns of common and less common postures. The workshop will be held on monthly on Sundays and feature a new teacher and/or theme each month. We recommend that… More details

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Spring Cleaning- Getting Rid of Stress

Spring has made its come-back and ushered in its flowers, new energy and sunlight. Despite the initial surge of vitamin D, my transition to Spring has proved challenging and was accompanied by an ultra-busy schedule and a great deal of change. Feeling tired and overwhelmed eventually translated into a fair amount of stress for me…. More details


The Case for Gratitude

Yoga and meditation can be extraordinary tools for mental health. But what other tools are available to us off the mat? Recently, I found myself giving advice to a close friend going through tough times. My mind quickly gravitated to a passage on gratitude in one of my beginner Buddhist books. I acknowledged my friend’s… More details

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Get Inspired and Go Green

The beginning of a new year is here! And with the new year comes the opportunity to renew our Moksha community’s commitment to living greener and healthier lifestyles. Recently I found myself at a dinner with friends. We talked about many things but eventually drifted into a conversation about environmental issues. Our friend Pauline expressed… More details


Alternative Gifts for a Healthier Planet

The beginning of a new holiday season approaches, and with it, the opportunity to take Moksha’s environmental values beyond the studio. With Christmas near, I recently found myself brainstorming gift ideas for my loved ones. The brainstorming led to an interesting conversation about the implications of Christmas shopping sprees with my husband. Turns out that… More details


How to Hydrate Your Hot Yoga Practice

Have you ever noticed that when you leave a hot yoga class you’re a little… damp? If you’ve spent some time in the hot room at Moksha Vancouver, you know that sweat is to hot yoga is like taxes come April – unavoidable. At Moksha we keep our hot room to a balmy 35-ish degrees… More details