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Veluna Massage Therapy

In your Savasana, have you ever thought, “all I need to achieve enlightenment right now is a full body deep tissue massage!” Well guess what? You’re in luck.

We are pleased to introduce our partner, Veluna Massage Therapy, who will be open for business this January out of our cozy treatment room. Meet this dynamic duo:


Alison Nowak, RMT
Alison might seem like a free spirit but when it comes to massage therapy she is all business. It’s not uncommon to find Alison on the floor demonstrating a particular stretch or exercise. She strongly believes in preventative therapy and encourages an active lifestyle. Alison leads by example; you’ll often find her on the mountain, in a Moksha class, or stretching in a door-frame.


Danica Lebel, RMT
Danica strongly believes in the power of massage. Whether for recovery, maintenance, or overall wellness, she believes the benefits come with body awareness, and working together to create short term and long term functional goals. Danica is here to help slow down and relax in our increasingly high paced world.

While they are hard at work getting their website up and running, booking an appointment is easy. Head on over to to schedule an appointment. They are offering a special deal for all Moksha students: 20% off your initial 60 minute appointment.