Re-connect to live green

With so many environmental challenges today, living a green lifestyle is one of the Moksha community’s most important values. It is equally important however, to remind ourselves every so often, of what we are protecting.

I was recently reminded on a run along Kitsilano beach. The red, yellows and green against a backdrop of grey blue sky were fascinating. I found myself marveling at the beauty of our immediate natural surroundings once more. I wondered about the Musqueam people that once inhabited the False Creek area and their beliefs how they must have co-existed with nature.

The Musqueam people and first nations across Canada have always had strong spiritual connections to nature. Earth was seen as their one true mother and because the land provided them with all they needed to live, they saw themselves as the stewards and caretakers of this planet; they treated nature and all its creations with utmost respect. Decisions where to be made with the earth’s well-being in mind, avoiding harm to the environment.

With our ever growing urban landscapes, and our busy schedules it’s easy to forget about our own connection to nature. Going outside and spending a moment marveling at our natural surroundings is a great way to reconnect. Nature can serve as inspiration throughout our journeys to live in harmony with this fragile planet of ours!

What’s more, exposure to nature has been found to be beneficial for our mental and physical health. A series of studies have shown that spending just 20 minutes in nature improves vitality. This vitality helps to increase energy levels and makes people less prone to physical illness!

If you find yourself in need of motivation (especially during these coming winter months) the David Suzuki foundation proposes a 30x 30 Nature Challenge. The Challenge asks that you spend 30 minutes outside every day for 30 days. Once you sign up you are provided with different resources to help you live a more connected lifestyle http://30× .

Living a green lifestyle starts with taking a moment to appreciate nature and all its wonders. No go ahead, get a raincoat on, step outside and reconnect!



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