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On Yoga, Balance, and your Jammies

Tomorrow night we’re holding probably the comfiest party you’ve ever attended.

To celebrate the end of October’s 30 day hot yoga challenge, we’re hosting the mother of all pyjama parties – wear your most comfortable flannels, keep your slippers on, and show up at the Kitsilano studio at 8 pm for some Bailey’s & hot chocolate.

If you’ve been around the studio for a while, you know that we do parties almost as well as we do hot yoga classes. Our community is light-hearted and places a premium of fun, which is exactly how we imagined it when we opened the studio all those years ago.

Does it seem strange, though, that a yoga studio that places so much emphasis on healthy living would also host parties laden with sugary snacks and a few adult beverages?

The reason we provide these untraditional get-togethers for our students, teachers, and staff has everything to do with something that’s very yogic in nature: we believe in the power of balance.

The majority of folks who will attend tomorrow night (and we hope you’ll be one of them!) are pretty good at taking care of themselves. Week after week, whether they’ve participated in the 30 day challenge or not, they show up to the studio, get on their mats, and sweat it out.

Our students tend to be health-conscious off the mat, too, which seems to be a natural evolution when you start practicing hot yoga. We’re always getting new food, lifestyle and exercise tips from students and teachers alike, and the vibe generally in the lounge is one of invigorating energy.

When it comes to healthy, we’ve got it covered.

That being said, anyone who’s gone down the healthy living path to its extremes knows that too much of anything in excess – even kale, Vitamin D, or, yes, hot yoga – actually isn’t so good for you. Life is about living fully, and living fully means exploring your edges, and finding your own definition of balance.

So back to the party – just spent 30 days detoxing, showing up on your mat, and connecting to the health-conscious side of yourself? It might be time to celebrate your achievements and relax for a night.

Monday you can get back in the studio and back on track. But one night in your jammies, surrounded by a balanced, happy community, sipping hot chocolate, might actually make your life that much healthier in the long run.

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