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Not Just a Pretty Studio: 7 Pillars of Social Consciousness

I think we can all agree that Moksha hot yoga is a great workout. Instructors are well trained to get your body moving – in a safe way – and cause some serious sweat.

And yet, if you’ve ever been to a Moksha class, you’ll notice that there’s more going on than just physical postures.

When you arrive, you’ll likely be greeted by a friendly, smiling face.

People will show up to practice in a wide array of clothing types, to support a wide array of body types.

The space will probably smell clean and fresh – without any hint of harsh chemicals.

You may see a poster for a class that will donate its proceeds to charity.

Instructors will constantly be upping their game, trying new things, and displaying a ton of humility of about their practice.

The list could go on.

The common thread that runs between all of these differences is the fact that Moksha is a physical practice based heavily on a social value system, as opposed to being a physical practice that’s just a workout.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a gym, studio or team sports league that focuses on the physicality of the service it provides. But there’s enormous potential, when doing an activity that gets you into your body and out of your mind, to make an impact on the world.

And all Moksha studios aim to do just that.

Which is exactly where the 7 Pillars come in. When Ted Grand and Jessica Robertson founded Moksha in 2004, they saw the potential mentioned above, and together created 7 pillars, drawn from traditional yoga teachings, to base their business around.

The results over the last decade have been impressive: Moksha studios across Canada and the US have become community hubs that inspire healthy living, generous philanthropy, and eco-friendly, ethical business practices.

Interested in the 7 pillars and how they may show up in your yoga practice? These short videos are a wonderful way to understand that your local Moksha is so much more than just a pretty studio.

>> 7 Pillars Videos

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