Alternative Gifts for a Healthier Planet

The beginning of a new holiday season approaches, and with it, the opportunity to take Moksha’s environmental values beyond the studio.

With Christmas near, I recently found myself brainstorming gift ideas for my loved ones. The brainstorming led to an interesting conversation about the implications of Christmas shopping sprees with my husband.

Turns out that many of the objects we tend to buy during the holiday season are produced in unethical working conditions and lead to the depletion of the earth’s habitats and resources. These unintended consequences are a real shame when one considers the fact that these gifts are made out of love.

Learning to curve our consumption habits will take time, but small steps in the right direction are invaluable. As a result of this conversation, I’ve started to rethink my ideas about gift giving in order to reduce the amount of harm done to the planet.

The good news is that I managed to come up with some good ways to show my friends and family some guilt free Christmas lovin’ ! Here are some green Christmas shopping alternatives:

Recycled Gifts

Second hand stores are a great way to mitigate human impact on the environment! If second hand is not your thing, you can also shop for clothing and items that have been recycled and transformed by doing shopping at shops like this one,

Get Creative

Get crafty and MAKE your gifts this year. This not only great for the environment but is also a great way get in touch with your creative self. I’ve just started a jewelry box painting project for a friend. Your gift can also be to spend time with your loved ones, at a concert, show or picnic!

Made in BC

Visit Local Artisan Christmas markets or head to Main Street for shops with local artists and designers. This is a great way to get to know the local artists and production processes!

Oxfam’s Unwrapped Campaign

Oxfam Canada has taken the art of giving to a new level with its Unwrapped campaign! Make a symbolic gift to a friend by making a donation that goes towards helping people living in poverty. From a goat to safe drinking water, the gifts help make a real difference in someone’s life and your friend gets a funny card to boot!




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