New to the studio?


Don’t be shy… We promise we won’t bite! If you are new to the studio, make sure that you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to class to get settled. We offer towel/mat/water rentals for $2 if you don’t feel like lugging your stuff around. We recommend getting the intro month, which is the best bang for your buck and allows you to try the whole range of classes we offer. 3+ classes a week is ideal;make it a priority for yourself.

Please remember that general yoga studio etiquette applies: Silent practice room, shoes off, and take quick showers… you know, basic stuff right? Eat light, sleep well, and make sure you are well hydrated. We encourage that you take your class at your own pace, so no need to worry about the heat or difficulty.

Really, the first step and most important one, is just showing up, and everything else, we can take care of from there!

Here are your options to get started:

Intro Month

first month

  • Unlimited classes
  • Every day you visit saves you money!
Drop In

per class

  • Student discounts available
  • Try our Karma class