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The Dark Dance of Love Presented by Samar Shata, MCP, RCC

Did you ever wonder why you get obsessed or feel insecure or go through power struggles when you are in love! Did you ever wonder why people end up in divorce when they started their relationship in love? Did you know that there is an art for handling the dark dances of love when they visit us? Did you know that there is nothing called negative emotions instead there is negative attitudes towards emotions?


“One of the advantages of working with the soul rather than attempting to find a resolution for the painful concerns of life is the opportunity it offers to get to the heart of matters, seeing through the issue as defined by the intellect”


“Love serves the soul, even in its jealousy, by making us crazy one way or another. This craziness is simply the breakdown of our usual defenses”

Thomas Moore


Samar will touch base on some of those dark sides of love, how couples can dance gracefully during those times, and how the power that we have as humans to transmute those dark dances can be extremely effective – there will be time for Q & A.



Saturday, April 29 to Saturday, April 29
7:30 PM - 9:30 PM
2083 Alma Street
Vancouver, British Columbia V6R 4N6 Canada

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Phone: 604 569 3650