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Grow Your Yoga

I’m interested. Tell me more about this “Grow Your Yoga” thing and how to get involved!


Okay! Since our 7 pillars guide our approach to action, there are some pillars that stick out a little more than others when we think about climate change. For example, when we talk about Be Accessible, it means choosing topics and actions that everyone can agree upon or get behind. And, it’s easy to see how everyone can get behind working for the human right to clean water!

When we talk about Community Support, we are acknowledging how much the support of a community is required in order to work effectively on ending climate change. We certainly can’t do everything by ourselves. So, we come together as a community to Live To Learn (get educated), spread awareness, fundraise for those who have direct access to creating legal change, and then take action to create change. Or, in other words, Reach Out.

Waterkeeper Alliance: Founded by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., is the largest and fastest growing non-profit solely focused on clean water. They empower individuals to protect and improve their local watersheds and use a combination of science, community action, and legal expertise to defend waterways. This year, we’re supporting a particular portion of the Waterkeeper Alliance, the group that works to protect one of the worlds major rivers, our Fraser River Watershed. Not only is it the largest Salmon Run in North America it also drains 1/4 of the entire pronvince’s water and has formed the largest estuary on the Canadian Pacific Coast.  They pursue legal action to enforce the Clean Water Act. They patrol and monitor the waterways to identify emerging or technical pollution issues. Their front-line active engagement with citizens, businesses and governments helps create awareness of, and support for, front-lines workers. Their advocacy and partnership programs help to toughen pollution standards. Just like the DSF, they’re on the front lines and in the courtroom creating massive change. They rock!


Getting involved is pretty easy. You can sign up at the front desk and join this awesome 30-day challenge starting April 1st and know that your practice is giving back. You can follow the studio’s social media posts about the Waterkeeper Alliance and reshare on your social media. You could even sign up as a team member of your studio on Crowdrise (fundraising site) and join their fundraising effort. Going further, you can reach out to friends and family to contribute to your fundraising campaign. but if this message really speaks to you, you could follow the Waterkeeper Alliance and affiliated organizations and share posts through social media.


Just take a picture of this form so you’ll have the info/links and check ‘em out when you get home.


Whether you choose to join the challenge or make a donation, just reading this note is also a powerful action on your part. Being informed is crucial to creating change and protecting the earth. If you want to join in with hundreds of other excited folks, touch base with the front desk to get more info and sign up.


In gratitude and peace,


Grow Your Yoga 2017 on Crowdrise


Saturday, April 01 to Sunday, April 30
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM