Rose Cortez

My name is Rose and my journey has been an expression of my heart. I express my gratitude for life through the practice of mindfulness movement, poetry, writing, voice, yoga, theatre arts, community and creative collaborations.

At a very young age, I was inspired to share my rhythm through the movement of mind and body connection. This journey was inspired by my grandmothers who taught me the meaning of rituals and prayers. It all began with the candles that were lit on the palms of my hands, in front of an altar praying with my grandmother at the barrio in the Philippines. That practice awakened a part of me that moved my soul with native Filipino folk dancing. Then came story telling, poetry and declaiming about my native Filipino ancestry and when my family moved to Canada 20 years ago, this passion developed into creative collaborations within my Canadian community. My growing creativity continued to tune in and sharpened at York University’s Theatre Conservatory…more about Rose check out her blog/website http://www.heartinspiredyoga.com/about.html