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Grow Your Yoga #WaterIsLife
03/01/2017 — 04/30/2017

Moksha's and Modo's across North America have banded together to raise funds to protect the world fresh water in it's Grow Your Yoga campaign.
Waterkeeper Alliance: Founded by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., is the largest and fastest growing non-profit solely focused on clean water. They empower individuals to protect and improve their local watersheds and use a combination of science, community action, and legal expertise to defend waterways. This year, we’re supporting a particular portion of the Waterkeeper Alliance, the group that works to protect the Upper Missouri Watershed (largest watershed in North America) and the Upper Missouri River, which provides water to 50 million people (as it empties into the Mississippi river) as well as its tributaries and communities, against threats to clean water and healthy rivers. They pursue legal action to enforce the Clean Water Act. They patrol and monitor the waterways to identify emerging or technical pollution issues. Their front-line active engagement with citizens, businesses and governments helps create awareness of, and support for, front-lines workers. Their advocacy and partnership programs help to toughen pollution standards. Just like the DSF, they’re on the front lines and in the courtroom creating massive change. They rock!

In support of: Fraser River Keepers